Winners FOTICMAB 2017

During the ICMAB Party, on May 5th, the winners of the photographs (scientific, artistic and pets categories) and of the Mannequin Challenge video of the FOTICMAB contest were announced. The winners were decided by popular vote by all the ICMAB staff, which could vote 5 photos of each category and 2 videos, during one week. 

We are very happy, since the quality of the photos was excellent, and the participation was very high:

  • 39 scientific photographs
  • 64 artistic photographs
  • 34 pets photographs

Finally, the winners of the best photographs are: Scientific category: Planetas, by Roxana Vlad (45 votes)

Artistic category: Upside down, by Cristiano Matricardi (37 votes)

Pets category: Disfrutando con mi amo en mi autocaravana, by José Muñoz (27 votes)

Congratulations to the winners!

In the Mannequin Challenge contest, we had 6 videos from various groups:

  • The Light Side of Alba, by Surfaces Group
  • Mannequin Nanomol ’17, by the NANOMOL Group
  • The Lab of the Nano Brothers, by Crystallography and N&N Group
  • The Office, by the Administration staff
  • The office 3.17, by Hugo Aramberri and everyone in office 3.17 + Miquel Royo
  • UP SIDE L∀B, by Cristiano Matricardi & Ana Begoña Buades (26 participants from the Group Nanopto and Inorganic Materials)

And the winner is:Up side L∀B, by Cristiano Matricardi & Ana Begoña Buades (72 votes) from the NANOPTO & Inorganic Materials Group

Congratulations for this fantastic video! We would like to highlight the high quality of this video, and to congratulate Cristiano Matricardi for winning two awards! We congratulate all the winners and all the participants for their implication in the FOTICMAB Contest, and we encourage everyone to take a look at all the photographs, videos, authors and votes at the FOTICMAB webpage. In the same webpage you can also take a look at the finalists.

Anna May Masnou
5 mayo, 2017