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1 julio, 2023

FOTICMAB 2023: our photo contest has amazing new winners

At this year’s ICMAB party we discovered the winners of the FOTICMAB 2023 contest. Which one is your favorite?

12 julio, 2022

The winners of FOTICMAB 2022: rainbow, bridges and birds

We share the winners of this years’ FOTICMAB contest! Which one is your favorite?
16 julio, 2021

FOTICMAB 2021: And the winner is…

The FOTICMAB2021 is over, the votes have been counted, the results are clear! We appreciate the almost 100 participating pictures and videos, it has been a very interesting edition! As a reminder, the winners of each category will receive one of the new official ICMAB sweatshirts! All the participants will also be awarded with an ICMAB t-shirt in celebration of the 35 years of the Institute.
19 junio, 2020

«Photonic mirror» the winning photo of our FOTICMAB 2020 contest

We have already the results of our FOTICMAB photo and video contest, in this 2020 edition. First of all, congratulations to all the participants! The photos were great. And we are happy that you participated in all the categories, even in the new one, dedicated to the «confination» time during the pandemic of the Covid-19. But… there are always winners, and you can discover them here!
18 junio, 2019

«Nanoroses», the winning picture of our #FOTICMAB2019 photo contest

s the one with the highest participation (27 photos), followed by our most favourite scientific category (12 photos) and a humoristic category, with (only) 5 photos. We also received one video in the ClowntICMAB video category!
18 mayo, 2018

«Photonic leaf» the winning picture of our FOTICMAB 2018 photo contest

Our traditional photo contest, FOTICMAB, is already a consolidated activity and receives every year a high participation. This year, we had three categories: scientific, artistic and «ICMAB moments». The artistic category was the one with the highest participation (48 photos), followed by our most favourite scientific category (19 photos) and the recovered «ICMAB moments» with 10 photos.
5 mayo, 2017

Winners FOTICMAB 2017

During the ICMAB Party, on May 5th, the winners of the photographs (scientific, artistic and pets categories) and of the Mannequin Challenge video of the FOTICMAB contest were announced. The winners were decided by popular vote by all the ICMAB staff, which could vote 5 photos of each category and 2 videos, during one week.