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“full fotònic” la fotografia guanyadora del nostre FOTICMAB 2018 concurs fotogràfic

El nostre tradicional concurs fotogràfic, FOTICMAB, ja és una activitat consolidada i rep cada any una alta participació. Aquest any, teníem tres categories: científicartistic i“Moments ICMAB”. La categoria artística va ser la que va tenir més participació(48 fotografies), seguit de la nostra categoria científica preferida (19 fotografies) i els recuperats “Moments ICMAB” amb10 fotografies.

The winner of the scientific category is the photo you can see above; “full fotònic” perCristiano Matricardi“arc de Sant Martí“, perLaia Soler won the artistic category, i¡Con una sonrisa se trabaja mejor!” perAdriana Kyvik won the “Moments ICMAB” categoria. The three winners are all PhD researchers at the Institute. The winner of each cateogory received a smartbox to enjoy a dinner for two.

Let’s see the story behind each one of the winning and finalist photos:

Scientific Category

Primer premi: full fotònic, by Cristiano Matricardi

We printed photonic nanocrystals based on cellulose on the skeleton of a leaf. The picture is done with a normal camera. The rest of the leaf is removed with sodium hydroxide, and the different colors are obtained by the different geometry and spacing of the photonic crystal nanopattern, which interacts differently with the incident light.

FOTICMAB 2 1 red

Primer finalista: La ciutat, by Cristiano Matricardi

This photo was a little bit of an accident. It is done with an optical microscope. We place a thin film of silica nanoparticles (5-8 nm) mixed with gold nanoparticles (50 nm) forming like a gel. We then place a glass on top and when the gel starts drying, it cracks, forming these curious pattern, which look like streets of a big city.

FOTICMAB 2 2 red

Segon finalista: Lava flakes, by Francesco Silvestri

My picture is an AFM image (5 um size) representing dendritic islands of pentacene covered with a dopant molecule, a fullerene derivative.” 

FOTICMAB 2 3 red

 Artistic Category

Primer premi: arc de Sant Martí, by Laia Soler

La muntanya de Vinicunca es troba als andes peruans. L’arc de Sant Martí el dibuixen diferents minerals sedimentats separadament d’acord amb el seu pes al llarg de 24 milions d’anys. Havia estat un indret inexplorat fins fa tres anys, per arribar a aquest punt cal una caminada d’un dia a 5000 metres d’altitud!”

FOTICMAB 1 1 red

 Primer finalista: La unió fa la força, by Bernat Bozzo

Quan veiem castells casi sempre ens fixem amb l’enxaneta i poques vegades amb la pinya. La barreja de caos aparent de mans i l’ordre geomètric que guarda la base del castell, és fotogràficament parlant, tant o més potent que el castell en si. La foto ha estat presa a la Plaça de Sant Domènec de Manresa, durant els actes del diumenge de rams d’aquest any.

FOTICMAB 1 2 red 

and Sunrise in the horizon, by Carles Llavina

This photo was taken with my compact camera when the sun was rising over the horizon in a remote spot of the northern Scotland, in a solitary beach of Collieston. Being a morning person has its rewards!”

FOTICMAB 1 3 red

 Segon finalista: Bada boom!, by Bernat Bozzo

El correfoc de Manresa és sempre un espectacle de llum, soroll i pólvora assegurat. Un dels moments més esperats és l’arribada a la Plaça Major, on s’encén una traca espectacular. Veure-la avançar cap a tu encara ho fa encara més impressionant! La foto és de l’edició 2018 d’aquest correfoc, dins dels actes de la Festa Major de Manresa.

FOTICMAB 1 4 red

 ICMAB moments category

Primer premi: ¡Con una sonrisa se trabaja mejor!, by Adriana Kyvik

This image portrays the daily life in our office; in this case we have a visit of an exmember of the office, who is inspired and decides to take a picture of us. We smile when seeing him almost laying on the floor trying to focus our image through the handle of the mug. With no doubt, working is better when smiling!”

FOTICMAB 3 1 red

Primer finalista: metaestabilidad, by Judit Tomsen

This photo was taken in an improvised way, at lunchtime in ICMAB dinning room. Small moments of relaxation before going back to work! (…Or maybe there is a hidden message and it represents theTO DOlist of a predoc student…?)”

FOTICMAB 3 2 red

 Segon finalista: foscor, by Anna May-Masnou

I see these shadows everyday at work: the figures from the MATGAS building, watching us all day, checking our behavior, our acts. It was a sunny day, indeed, and I decided to immortalize them in a picture, so it’s me who can watch them now every day.

FOTICMAB 3 3 red

  Thank you all for your participation! Take a look at all the final votes at theWeb de FOTICMAB, and enjoy the pictures! See you next year!

Anna May Masnou
18 maig, 2018